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What are the specific services of Amazon FBA?


Deliver the goods to the domestic service provider\'s warehouse.

The Amazon FBA line includes 2 steps:

1. Deliver the goods to the domestic service provider's warehouse.

2. Domestic service providers transport goods to Amazon warehouses (Amazon America or Amazon Europe).

1. Standard service

Receive goods from warehouses in China's Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port cities, and send the seller's goods to the designated Amazon warehouses in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other countries by shipping and air transportation!

2. Value-added services

1. Print Amazon label: Print the corresponding label of each product in accordance with Amazon FBA barcode content requirements

2. Labeling: In accordance with Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is labeled with a corresponding barcode

3. Sorting fee: according to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing according to the box

3. Return service

Can assist in processing returns from Amazon warehouses. Help customers to re-operate goods re-sending into warehouse or other processing. In accordance with the relevant operating requirements arising from the actual situation, additional costs will be calculated.

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