Shenzhen ZBAO Logistics Co., Ltd.

Let cross-border trade flow smoothly around the world



Customized service to ensure safety

Provide customized services for special goods and special addresses to ensure smooth cargo transportation and safe customs clearance

Self-developed system, self-tracking 

Independent research and development of logistics operating system, in-depth customization and optimization according to customer needs, customers can check prices by themselves, realize one-click ordering, and track cargo transportation status throughout the process

Diverse products, cost-effective 

Multi-channels and multi-regions, to meet the needs of market customers, provide cost-effective logistics products; professional services, safe and efficient

First-line contract, space guarantee 

Directly sign high-quality contracts with powerful shipping companies to ensure stable space and price locks even during peak logistics seasons, so customers don’t need to worry about dumping containers and not getting high-quality space.

Dedicated customer service

7*24h online

Outlets cover domestic cross-border e-commerce seller circles

Have a strategic cooperative relationship with a powerful customs clearance agency, and 100% customs clearance can be achieved for pre-approved goods

The destination country has multiple courier cooperation accounts