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China Europe / China Russia

China Europe / China Russia

We provide you with:

Departure from South China - China Europe railway, China Russia railway · scheduled train (station to station SoC / door to station COC)

-Single container / package Booking

-Export declaration

-Container trailer in Pearl River Delta

-Railway container leasing

Service advantages

-Fixed weekly trains with sufficient departure plan

-Time stability

-Direct docking with the platform, first-hand resource price

Advantageous route:

Zengcheng West Khorgos Moscow

Zengcheng West Horgos St. Petersburg

Zengcheng West Horgos MALA / Duisburg / Hamburg


Relying on its brand objectives and network advantages, as well as its complete high-quality services and comprehensive service capabilities, crowdsourcing logistics has become the main booking agent of China Europe and China Russia trains in Zengcheng west of Guangzhou since July 2021, and has obvious advantages in providing international railway transportation in South China and integration services of core resources and high-quality resources of China Europe trains. It can also provide railway single container / package train booking, box rental, domestic trailer, export customs declaration and other services.